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4 tips on how to gain s*xual confidence during sex (18+)

4 tips on how to gain s*xual confidence during sex (18+)

Not feeling confident in many things that we do is a kind of human nature.

Right from bubbling up insecurities about our bodies to shaking and chills while giving a presentation in front of people- we often go through this relentless struggle but admit it frankly in front of our dear ones.

But there is one topic a lot of us always fear to discuss is self-consciousness under the sheets.

Many lack sexual confidence and there could be varied reasons for this shattered sexual confidence.

Emotional trauma, pain, outta practice, a heart-wrenching breakup and a lot more ins and outs can make your sexual confidence suffer.

All it takes is distractions from such things and some healthy habits to bid adieu to the negative thoughts that might be hampering your performance in the bedroom.

Here are some nifty tips that will assist you in restoring your sexual confidence.

1. Try to be present in the moment

A lot of people trap themselves in negative thoughts during sexual practice and start worrying about how they going to look, what kind of face they are going to make, or did their partner like their sexual moves and lost the feel. Make sure to be in the moment and start focusing on the pleasure to build confidence in the bedroom. If you think too much or embrace negative feelings then it will only bring out stress over performance. Pay heed towards your bodily experiences and practice mindfulness to restore your sexual confidence.

2. Know yourself

It is said that a true relationship with self goes a long way with you. If you don’t have an appropriate relationship with yourself, meaning if you don’t know what you like and dislike and get utterly honest with it, then it will trigger you while you involve yourself in sexual activity and hamper your performance, ultimately pushing your sexual confidence downward. Recognise what turns you on, what things you like, and what you just don’t like and take a stand for boosted sexual confidence.

3. Change your thought process

Lack of sexual confidence is just the fear that is bothering you in your head. This only kills your mood but also your passion and performance. The fear terrorizes you to an extent where you don’t even feel aroused. Manifest your thoughts and ask yourself questions like what is there to be frightened of? What will be the most awful thing that can happen? Have I ever been this? Why and how did this problem start? Support your answers with evidence and drag the negativity out of your head. A confident attitude only comes from optimistic thoughts so always pay heed to how you feel and what are you thinking.

4. seStop thinking about the former experiences

Everybody has a past and has been through a road of multiple experiences. Few of these experiences might be amazing while some may abysmal. Understand that your past has nothing to do with your present and future performance. If you keep yourself trapped in those feelings, then your energy will get transformed and it will ultimately affect your love-making sesh. Enjoy where you are without any corrupt feelings.

If you have been going through a rough patch sexually, don’t fret and panic! Most importantly, don’t get rough on yourself. Clear your head and abide by the things that you like to make it all work out.

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