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Sizwe Dhlomo – Why is Hiphop dying in South Africa

Sizwe Dhlomo – Why is Hiphop dying in South Africa

Media Personality Sizwe Dhlomo so worried over the steady decline of Rap artists, he is concerned over the bad state of Hiphop culture in South Africa.

Sizwe Dhlomo expresses his concern about the state of hip hop in South Africa.

The TV personality is known to be outspoken about critical issues on social media; taking to Twitter, he reminisced on how great rap music was in the country.

However, he’s curious about what went wrong with the genre, and his followers have supplied him with various responses.

“Rap was once great in this country! I wonder if guys understand what went wrong?” he tweeted.

In response, journalist Mazola wrote, “They got caught up in the “beef” and neglected their craft.”





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